Listen. Communicate. Create.

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What We Do

Architectural Design Services

  • Commercial and Residential

  • Construction Documents

  • 3D Modeling 

  • Renderings and Animation

  • Master Planning

Construction Services

  • Commercial and Residential

  • Cost Estimating

  • Historic Renovations

  • Interior Remodels

  • New Construction

  • Custom Metal Fabrication


SILO DESIGN BUILD is fundamentally rooted in the belief that all forms come into connection with one another through a Simple Innovative Layered Order.  It is this simple design principal upon which we endeavor to develop and create each project.  As builders, educated and licensed in architectural design, we are able to sift through an accumulated knowledge base of construction standards, techniques and innovative responses to develop designs which are fundamentally ‘lean’ and free of excess from the onset. 


Traditionally, our industry suffers from an inherent combative environment between designers and builders established through the classical hierarchy of egos.  Our mantra is ‘Listen. Communicate. Create.’  and we strive to foster this type of collaboration regardless of the project or the depth of our involvement.  It is with this philosophy that we were determined to create a business which fundamentally eliminated any communication strain between the designer and the builder.  We have taken construction completely in-house and bred a culture of cooperation and coordination.  Our clients’ feedback has been resoundingly positive and our repeat-client list is a true testament to the efficacy of the model. 


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